General Requirements

Two copies of the recently taken photos are required for China Business Visa , Travel Visa  , and all other types of China Visa application submission.

The background color of the photos must be white, without shadows over the face or the background. Each photo must include a clear frontal view of the full face, neck and upper shoulders of the applicant. Either matte or glossy photo paper should use to print the color photos and they have not been altered in any way – altered photos can course the visa rejection.

Size of the Photo for Visa Form

The size of the photo should measure 33 mm (wide) by 48 mm (high). The head width should be between 15 mm and 22 mm and the head height should be between 28 mm and 33 mm, measured from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. The space between the top of the head and the top of the photo should be between 3 mm and 5 mm.

Facial Requirements

The facial expression of the subject must be neutral with eyes open and all the facial features should be clearly visible. Eyeglasses are allowed in the photo only if the lenses are not tinted and there are no glare, shadows, or frames obscuring the eyes. The hearing aid or a similar device is allowed in the photo.

Head Covering

Hats and Head Covering only allowed if warn for religious reason and if they do not obscure any facial features.

Before Visa Submitting

if you submit a photo which does not meet the above requirement, the photo need to be resubmitted. it can be delayed you overall China visa process.

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