PU and TE letter is an invitation letter issued by China Foreign Affairs Office. With the PU and TE letter foreigners can apply for a new visa and enter China. This is a new policy since the global epidemic.

Only certain specific reasons meet the requirements for applying for a PU Letter, however there are exceptions to these categories. Read on for more information.

Only companies can apply for the PU or TE Letter for their foreign employees, individuals or any agents cannot apply for PU letter! Agents can only assist the company with the application, but they can’t provide PU letters.
PU or TE letter depends on the purpose of coming to China.


Difference between PU and TE invitation letter.

Normally, PU letter is to apply for the M or Z Visa, or Q1/Q2 Visa Commerce Trading/working). TE letter is to apply for the Visa F and M (Communication/Visit/Investigation).

Sometimes, different countries need different Invitation letters issued by the Chinese Government. But both acceptable by chinses embassy and both issued with barcode and same pattern and both acceptable by china embassy.

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