china visa letterAfter 18th January 2023 china border opens and foreigners can enter china without quarantine The 10-year China visa allows holders to enter China multiple times during a validity of up to 10 years without the trouble of applying for a visa again and again. Can I get a 10-year Chinese visa? You may ask. Well, currently, the multiple entry Chinese visa for 10 years is applicable to citizens from the US, Canada, the UK, and Argentina.

10-year China Visa Requirements & Invitation letter

Are the requirements different from normal visa applications? In general, they are quite similar to normal visa application requirements. But need a business Visa invitation letter from Chinese register company or factory that can invite foreigners


The required documents include:

  1. Invitation letter from china.
  2. A 10 years China visa application form glued with the applicant’s recent photo is needed. Remember that the application form should be typewritten. When filling out the form, you need to tick Other in Section 2.2 and specify 10 years in the space after.
  3.  A valid passport is required. For US citizens, the remaining validity should be at least one year. For Canadian citizens, the remaining validity should be longer than the expected length of the visa.
  4. Documents to support your entry purpose. For example, if you apply for a tourist visa, you may need to provide round-trip air tickets and hotel booking records for the first entry or an invitation letter from your family members in China. Or a Business Invitation letter from a company or factory in china is required.

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How to apply for a 10-year Visa to China

After all the documents are ready, you can head to the Chinese consular office near your residence address and normally you don’t have to make an appointment. Canadian citizens, need to go to the CVASC. It’s advised to make an appointment on the website of CVASC to save queue time. Then just wait for the result for about four working days and collect your passport and visa on the date shown on your pick-up slip.


Q: Can US and Canadian citizens actually get the 10-year China visa?
A: For US citizens, yes; while for Canadian citizens, it depends on the remaining validity of their passports because the longest validity of the visa shall not exceed the remaining validity of the passport. That is, if a Canadian’s passport is not valid for more than 10 years, he or she cannot get a 10-year China visa.

Q: For the 10-year L visa, do I need to show flight and hotel arrangements each time of entry?
No, you just need to show flight and hotel arrangements for the first entry.

Q: If my passport expires within ten years, will my 10-year China visa also expire?
For US citizens, the 10-year China visa is still valid and they can enter China by carrying both their old and new passports, provided that the personal details on both passports are consistent. While for Canadians, their visa expires along with their passport.

Q: Can I work on a 10-year China visa?
Definitely not. If you are on a 10-year M visa, you can conduct commercial activities, but it is not equivalent to taking a job in China to obtain an M visa business contact us at

Q: IF you have validated Chinese 10 years multiple entries Visa that was issued before 2023 Can use this visa to travel to China now?
A:  No it was temporarily suspended. Need to apply for a new one.


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